OLG | Chinese


UX / UI Design, Front-end Development, CMS





The Project

To design, develop, and launch a comprehensive Chinese-language version of our existing OLG website to serve the growing Chinese-speaking community interested in lottery games. The website should provide accurate and timely information on the latest lottery games, news, and winning numbers, ensuring that the content is culturally appropriate and easily understandable. The platform must be user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and seamlessly integrated with OLG main stream website. Our objective is to increase engagement among Chinese-speaking users by 50% and to foster a more inclusive user experience.

My Role

As a Product Design Lead and front-end developer, my responsibilities will be make sure all stakeholders, from developers to marketing teams, understand the objectives and design principles of the Chinese-language site. Develop initial wireframes and prototypes to visualize the site structure and user flow, keeping mobile-responsiveness in mind. Collect data and user feedback to assess the success of the project and identify areas for improvement.


- Wireframes for business approval
- High fidelity prototype
- User Testing
- Front-end Development HTML+CSS


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Visual studio code, Github