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Website Design and Development, UX UI, CSS , CMS integrations


Oxford Properties Group




Oxford consistently requires the creation of a multitude of websites for the purpose of advertising new structures and services. The current process, which involves collaborating with design agencies and developers, has proven to be both time-consuming and costly. Oxford is in search of a method that is not only efficient in terms of time and cost, but also effective ways in building promotional websites.

My Role

As a Product Design Lead, my responsibilities include understanding user needs, defining the site builder app vision, designing the user interface from paper wireframe to low and high fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, maintaining accessibility standard, collaborating with developers and iterating based on feedback.


- Wireframes for business approval
- High fidelity prototype
- User Testing
- UI Assets for developers
- front-end Development HTML+CSS


Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Visual studio code, Github

oxfordproperties.com | unionparkto.ca| foundry31.com

745atlantic.com | oxfordresidential.ca | ottobyoxford.com